This is the site of the Quest for Orthologs consortium. Proteins and functional modules are evolutionarily conserved even between distantly related species, and allow knowledge transfer between well-characterized model organisms and human. The underlying biological concept is called ‘Orthology’ and the identification of gene relationships is the basis for comparative studies.

More than 30 phylogenomic databases provide their analysis results to the scientific community. The content of these databases differs in many ways, such as the number of species, taxonomic range, sampling density, and applied methodology. What is more, phylogenomic databases differ in their concepts, making a comparison difficult – for the benchmarking of analysis results as well as for the user community to select the most appropriate database for a particular experiment.

The Quest for Orthologs (QfO) is a joint effort to benchmark, improve and standardize orthology predictions through collaboration, the use of shared reference datasets, and evaluation of emerging new methods.

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